SNAP 2013 Syllabus

The SNAP test is an Objective type paper set with having four sections divided, SNAP Test 2013 found to have questions divided as follows:
  • General English consisted 40 Questions,
  • Quantitative & Data Interpretation & Data Sufficiency were 40 Questions in total.
  • General Awareness, G.K 40 Questions.
  • Analytical & Logical Reasoning had the most, 60 Questions.
To be noted, SNAP paper pattern does hold negative marking rule to discourage random guessing which is why 1/4 mark are deducted for each wrong answer.
Especially, for the Management School, a high cut of is needed that enhance chances of securing eat. Each year the highest cut-off for SNAP varies, which can be anything between 85 to 100+. The validity of SNAP Score is one year only.

SNAP 2013 Preparation and Practice

The SNAP test is unpredictable each year and the format keeps changing though syllabus remains same. There are 4 different sections available on all the snap entrance exam books that need to be practiced to score high percentile and a valid cut off to get through.

•    In Quantitative ability and Data interpretation often have diverse ways to ask the same question so one needs to learn from the basic and practice more and more. If you know how to solve each question, the next emphasis must be laid on Speed with accuracy. Also, all the formulae must be learnt by rote.

SNAP English Preparation
•    SNAP English and Vocabulary is something aspiring students leave on luck, by thinking it will be knocked there and then only in the paper. However, English section can assure you to fetch highest score of all the sections just like maths. The grammar related questions come twisted in the paper and the only way out to crack them are having knowledge of the basics. Simultaneously, each day few vocabulary words and idioms must be crammed.

SNAP Reasoning Preparation
•    Logical Reasoning is another section that could be experimental for the paper setters. Having acute alertness of mind and practicing varied and assorted questions can save your time in exam. The practicing let you relate easily to the ones in SNAP Test and you quickly know how to get solution.

General Awareness for SNAP
•    SNAP General Awareness section is something that cannot be prepared in just one day or even a week, so is the same for Vocabulary. To score high in this section one has to start reading in advance. The key is to keep yourself updated by reading more and more news sources, Keeping abreast to current affairs both national and international, raised or rising issues and general knowledge especially relating to the country. This will help you not only to perform well in the SNAP Test but in Group discussion as well.

Civil Services Preliminary Exam Syllabus

Union Public Services Board Services organizes the most competitive exams of the country that will get you admission into one of the prestigious positions like IAS, IPS, IFS, and many others in the country. The examine needs to understand the Civil services (preliminary ) examination syllabus from various Civil services (preliminary ) exam books that will help them  in their preparation.

The main subjects for this exam are as follows –
a.    History of India, which includes National Movement
b.    Indian and World Geography and includes physical, economic, social, geography, of India and World
c.    Indian Politics, which consists of the Political system, constitution, Panchayat  Raj, and Public policy of the country
d.    Indian economy
e.    General topics like bio-diversity, ecology, and climate change
f.    Basic and general science

The Syllabus II includes topics like
a.    Decision and problem solving skills
b.    Mental ability
c.    English language of class X level

Syllabus for CAT exam 2013

The Syllabus for CAT exam 2013 will comprise of 3-4 different sections with questions from the following area:

•  Quantitative Ability
Everything falling under Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry
• Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning
Questions in the form of tables and bar graphs, column graphs, pie chart, graphs representing area, line charts, Venn diagram etc are usually asked in this section. Apart from these, questions on Critical reasoning, Visual reasoning, Assumption- Premise-Conclusion, Assertion and reasons, Statements and assumptions, identifying valid inferences, coding-decoding, matrix arrangements, statements and conclusions, Cause and Effect etc
• Reading Comprehension
Questions from given Passage and Poems comprehension
• Verbal Ability
Verbal reasoning, syllogisms, Analogies, Antonyms, Fill In the Blanks, odd man out, idioms, one word substitution, Jumbled paragraphs with 4 or 5 sentences, Jumbled paragraphs, Sentence editing etc
To have some idea to what form of questions can be asked, Sample CAT questions and cat exam 2013 books helps in finding and preparing for the exam


CDS SSB Sample Interview Questions

CDS Exam 2013 
After the candidate gets through the written test by scoring the required marks, according to the cut off list, candidate is further tested through different methods to assess the individuality, personality traits at the conscious, sub-conscious and also the unconscious levels.

The most common Interview Question asked
Why do you want to join Army instead of Navy or Air Force? ,
Why you wish to join this service?
why do you not want to study further?

Whereas there are also tricky questions, situational questions, job related questions which can be asked randomly. The questions can also be as tell about five current National and International issues.You can find numerous cds books 2013 to prepare these interview questions from various online stores for best price.

CDS Exam Preparation Techniques

CDS is a competitive exam and demands lot of learning as well as persistent practice to score well. Though the questions are much of the expectations yet solving them always is tricky. You might know how to find the correct answer but how fast you find is what that matters there.

CDS Mock Tests

CDS Sample Papers

CDS Exam 2013 Mock test papers, Sample papers, Model test questions and previous year CDS exam questions are the tools which will help you perform there in a good form.

The questions for written test i.e. the first test to appear in, comprise of General Knowledge, English & Math based question, while for OTA it is only G.K. and English.


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