What makes Civil Services exam the most competitive exam?

1)   Statistics says that less than 1% candidates clear civil services examination. Success probability is very less- this is a preconceived notion of all the Civil Services aspirants.
2)   Civil Services has a series of examination which includes preliminary (2 papers) followed by Main examination (9 papers) and a personal interview, and determination till the end is very necessary. Most of the candidates lack dedication and determination in the process of time.
Good understanding of the examination, Structured plan for preparation, Proper Guidance, Disciplined approach, Perseverance are the factors which pushes you step by step to the final selection list.

Civil Services Examination is conducted in two phases
1)   Preliminary examination : This consists of two objective type papers(General Studies and Aptitude test)
2)   Main examination: This consists of nine papers. Main examination is followed by a personal Interview.
Indian Civil services examination is considered one of the most difficult competitive examinations in the world. Preliminary examination is held in May/June every year. Main examination is held in October/November every year. 


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  1. For the simple reason that they matter the most in India for all other exams like IITJEE you have to spend 4 undergrad years in the institute then after that you are not the responsibility of the institute similar for CAT 2 years in IIMs then IIMs are not responsible for you similarly for AIIMs and other such medical exams but once you get selected in the coveted Civil services the Government of India has to employ you for 35 years or more till you turn 60 sometimes longer in top executive posts in India . Whatever you see in India whether good or bad they are behind them and obviously politicians



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