what are the Colleges under CET-MHT Exam?

There are many colleges which participate in MHT exam. These colleges can be either government/government aided or private colleges. Find below some of the well known Colleges under CET-MHT Exam:
1)   Don Bosco Institute of Technology, Mumbai(DBIT)
2)   Datta Meghe College of Engineering
3)   Government College of Engineering
4)   Institute of Chemical Technology(UICT)
5)   J.T. Mahajan College of Engineering- Faizpur
6)   Kavikulguru Institute of Technology and Science(KITS)
7)   Maharashtra Institute of Technology, Pune(MIT)
8)   Orchid College of Engineering and Technology, Solapur(OCET)
9)   Pillai’s Institute of Information Technology(PIIT)
10)   Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology, Mumbai(RGIT)


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