Some important tips for candidates appearing for AFMC exam:

1)   Please read the eligibility criteria in detail before applying for the exam. There are certain documents which need to be submitted during admission, so make sure you have all the documents ready.
2)   AFMC exam is highly competitive, there are thousands of students applying every year and only a hand few get selected. This examination demands very good preparation.
3)   Candidates need to answer 200 questions in just 2 hours and this is a difficult task as well. Time management is very necessary and this can come only with good practice.
4)   Intelligence and logic reasoning is a compulsory section in AFMC examination. This section is not like the other sections where you have the study material and you prepare. This section needs good understanding and logical reasoning skills.
5)   Selecting the right study material is very necessary. It is preferable if you could take guidance from your teachers and then purchase the book necessary for preparation.


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