MAT Exam Preparation Tips

MAT exam consists of five sections.
  •        Language Comprehension
  •        Mathematical skills
  •        Data Analysis and Sufficiency
  •       Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
  •        Indian and Global Environment
Find below some useful Mat exam preparation tips to crack MAT. These are tried and tested methods from toppers of MAT exam.
  • Math test: This needs a good understanding of basic fundamentals of math. Math concepts covered in MAT are from higher secondary level and brushing up the concepts is necessary.
  •  Data Analysis and Sufficiency (DI): Data interpretation like graphs and  charts and questions based on finding percentage increase or decrease.
  •  English: This mainly deals with language comprehension. Good vocabulary and English grammar is essential to crack MAT.
  •  Reasoning: Reasoning skills come only with regular practice.
  • Time management is utmost importance in MAT. It is advisable to stick to the time schedule and always practice keeping time factor in mind.


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